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Annual Members' Meeting

on Monday, June 29, 6pm; Propeller (Zinzendorfg. 17)

Since the corona situation seems to be relaxing, the board has decided to run the general meeting as a face-to-face meeting. However, due to the regulations in place, we would need to know who will attend the meeting (in a place with an outdoor area in an easily accessible part of Graz). Accordingly, if you'd like to attend the meeting, please let us know via email by June 14. Should, for some reason, a face-to-face meeting not be possible, after all, we will circulate a link to an online meeting to all members in due time.

Please note that this is an election year. As indicated in previous messages, Bernhard Kettemann will end his tenure as president--and with him, parts of the board will also retire. Roberta Maierhofer has been nominated as his successor and put together a team. Please find the nominations below. You may nominate people for functions/positions until one week prior to the meeting (i.e., Monday, June 22). If you'd like to do so, your nomination(s) must include (a) the name of the nominating member, (b) the position the nominee is nominated for, and (c) the nominee's "ok" (self-nominations may also be submitted). Due to the current situation, only nominations via email will be accepted. If there should be any changes to the nominations, they will be circulated on June 23.

If you'd like to suggest amendments to the agenda below, we'd need to receive them via email by Friday, June 19.

Tagesordnung | Agenda
1. Eröffnung durch den Präsidenten | Opening
2. Feststellung der Beschlussfähigkeit | Quorum
3. Bestätigung der Tagesordnung | Approval of Agenda
4. Bestätigung des Protokolls der letztjährigen Mitgliederversammlung | Approval of Minutes of Last Year's Meeting
5. Bericht über Vereinstätigkeiten im vergangenen Finanzjahr | Report on the Society's Activities in 2019-20
6. Finanzbericht | Financial Report 2019-20
7. Entlastung des Vorstands | Discharge of Officials
8. Wahl des Vorstands 2020-22 | Election of Officials for the 2020-22 Term
9. Änderung der Vereinsanschrift | Relocation of Club
10. Ernennung der Rechnungsprüfer*innen | Appointment of Auditors
11. Ernennungen zum/Ausscheiden vom Beirat | Resignations/Appointments of Advisory Board Members
12. Höhe der Mitgliedsbeiträge | Membership Fees
13. Allfälliges | Misc.

Vorschläge für den Vorstand | Nominations for Officials 2020-22
Präsidentin | President: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Roberta Maierhofer, M.A.
Vizepräsident | Deputy President: Mag. Christopher Drexler
Landessekretär | Secretary: Mag. Dr. Stefan Rabitsch
stv. Landessekretärin | Deputy Secretary: Sara Crockett, Ph.D.
Kassier | Treasurer: Dr. Barbara Ratzenböck, M.A.
stv. Kassier | Deputy Treasurer: Mag. Dr. Michael Fuchs

Zur Ernennung als Rechnungsprüferinnen stellen sich | Eligible for Appointment as Auditor
Gabriele Pötscher
Mag. Dagmar Wallenstorfer

Image: Matej Kastelic for Shutterstock, ID 217119211