About the Society

The Austria-American Society for Styria is a platform for everyone interested in the relations between the United States of America and Styria. Our main goal (as stated in our bylaws) is to support and intensify Austro-American relations in social, economic, cultural, and political matters.

While Styria may not have been an American occupation zone after World War II, Graz and its surroundings have intensified their connections to the United States, from the annual performances by the American Institute of Musical Studies and our export hit Arnold Schwarzenegger to Hollywood productions shot in Graz and the increasing number of Super Bowl parties in early February.

We organize events on a wide variety of topics, including culture, politics, economics, society, sports, and media for our members and interested non-members.

In addition, the Austrian-American society is a meeting point for those interested in the special characteristics of the American lifestyle. This includes representatives of American companies and organizations in Austria as well as people who cherish and live the American way of life.

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