* 16 *
Jun 2023
ÖAG Excursion: American Football: Styrian Bears vs. Graz Giants

The Styrian Bears have kindly offered complimentary tickets to ÖAG Styria - We look forward to an exciting game and future collaborations!

* 05 *
Jun 2023
ÖAG Get-Together with the University of Pittsburgh Group “Comparative Health Care: Austria – USA” 2.0

Prof. Orin James (U of Pittsburgh) (left) and ÖAG Styria President Prof. Roberta Maierhofer with U of Pittsburgh students and ÖAG Styria student members

* 21 *
Jan 2021
Virtual Inauguration Day Extravaganza

Am 20. Jänner 2021 organisierte die ÖAG Steiermark in Kooperation mit der Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt und dem Zentrum für Inter-Amerikanische Studien der Universität Graz eine Online-Veranstaltung mit dem Titel „Virtual Inauguration Day Extravaganza“.

* 30 *
Jun 2020
System Racism and #BLM

Dr. Tracey Salisbury and Prof. Sabine Broeck discussed the resurgence of BLM.

We have the video archived on Facebook.